Bring a project and join the fun. Everyone Welcome. Always Fun! Always Free!


Sit & Knit (or crochet) at String Theory

You are always welcome to come hang out at our table and knit or crochet. Bring coffee from Starbucks or Blackberry Market, if you like, but make sure your yarn is from String Theory.

If you are looking for company, we’ve got informal groups that gather throughout the week:

Tuesday Afternoons 1 – 3
Wednesday Afternoons 12 – 2 (Novice Knitters)
Thursday Afternoons 1 – 3
Thursday Evenings 7– 9
Friday Afternoons 1 – 3

Our Sit&Knit groups are the best. Our customers are willing to share what they know with newer knitters. They are happy to welcome new faces into the String Theory community. And since everyone is working with yarn they found at String Theory, you are bound to find your next project when you see what they are working on.

Sit&Knit Sundays:
In the past, we have hosted Sit&Knit on Sundays. Because of classes, trunks shows and other events, we no longer have the table space to accommodate large groups on Sundays. If you are looking for social knitting, please join us at one of our Sit&Knits during the week.