Best Project Bags for Warmer Weather

Best Project Bags for Warmer Weather

In the nicer weather, I find I’m taking my knitting outdoors to the park, to the pool, to a baseball game…. As a result, I need something that is really durable, stain resistant and squishes so as not to take up more room than necessary.

I looked around for the perfect bag and I found Baggu.

Baggu Duck Bags were chosen by Wirecutter as their favorite tote. They liked that the canvas was really durable and the shape accommodated awkward items like “a yoga mat or canned goods at the supermarket”. Doesn’t look like they tested it for knitting projects, but I can tell you it works just fine. Here is what they have to say about the straps:

One of my main gripes with canvas totes is that they usually have fixed, thin straps that cut into my shoulder when carrying a heavy load. The Duck Bag sidesteps this problem with a long adjustable single strap that’s thick enough to keep your shoulders happy, even when hauling a lot of stuff. At its longest, the Duck Bag’s strap stretches out to near-messenger bag length, meaning you can carry it on your back when biking or carrying another bag. In addition to a longer carrying strap, it has two short handles that make it easy to pick up off the ground or carry like a briefcase.

There is plenty or room inside for your project, an iPad, and a snack. Perfect for a day on the run or your next knitting adventure.

We have several color options. Make it your own by adding your favorite pins.

Baggu Reusable in larger size

We also brought in Baggu reusable bags in two sizes. Keep a couple in your Duck bag for trips to String Theory or the farmers market.

Stop in to get yours. Or give us a call, we are happy to ship.

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