Five Ways the Mystery Knitalong Will Make You a Better Knitter

Five Ways the Mystery Knitalong Will Make You a Better Knitter

We started the Mystery Knitalong (KAL) years ago, thinking people might like it. But the reason we continue year after year after year, is because people LOVE it. I think I know why.

Mystery 2018: Take it All Shawl

The average person signs up, thinking “oh, this might be fun…” Or they like the kit. Or their friend talks them into it. They expect to have something nice to wear at the end of the experience. What they don’t always anticipate is that at the end, they are also a better knitter.

Yipes Stripes Mystery 2014

This is what you get in addition to something nice to wear:


You bulid courage by doing things that scare you. In this case, you don’t know what you are making, but you commit anyway. You’ve stepped outside your comfort zone and discovered it isn’t so bad out here. You can then take this courage with you on your next adventure.

Dune Cowl 2017


We get you to do things that you never would have thought you could. One year it was stranded colorwork, another year it was cables…. At the end of the project, you will look back and think “Wow, l never would have thought I could do that!”

Sideways Gansey Mitts 2013


You are bound to learn something new with this project. It might be a brand new technique. It might be another way of doing something you already know. Whatever it is, it will expand your choices in the future. Would I rather use this cast on or this one? Do I want to put cables on my hat or lace? Do I want to follow a chart or write out the instructions? Each new experience builds your repoitoire. It is always good to have lots of tools in your tool box.

Mystery 2015: Tohutohu


Don’t you just love starting new projects: the anticipation, the potential, the discovery? I love it! But I also love finishing things: the pride, the admiration, the wearing. In the mystery knitalong, you will experience the thrill of the start and the pride of the completion with each clue. The weekly emails and encouraging community keep you on track. You will finish.

Our first Mystery KAL 2011: Quench


Knitalongs provide you with a community of people that you instantly have something in common with: you are all working on the same project at the same time. Our community has a reputation for being inclusive, kind, generous, encouraging and ready for a good laugh. Sundays in June you’ll find a group at our table all working on the Mystery project. We would love to have you join us. If you aren’t local, you can join the friendly conversation on Ravelry or Instagram (#stycmysterykal2019)

You might choose to give away your finished project. But these things stays with you. They make you a better knitter. That is the priceless part of the mystery experience.

Did I miss a benefit of the Mystery Knitalong? Let me know if the comments below.

This isn’t for everyone

If you are a brand new knitter that has only knit a few projects, this is probably not  the activity for you. Even the simplest project becomes more difficult if you don’t know what you are making. My advice for you is to wait until next year. Everyone else? Sign up today!

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