How to Finish a Sweater You’ll Love in Just Four Days

How to Finish a Sweater You’ll Love in Just Four Days


Foxtrot Cardigan 2019

I love knitting sweaters, but they seem to languish for months while my attention is distracted by the instant gratification of hats and mittens and socks and shawls. So, when Marie Greene launched her 4 day Knitalong a couple of years ago, I seriously doubted that it could be done. I really couldn’t imagine it.

Nevertheless, I figured I would give it a try. The result? My Five-day Stillwater.

Stillwater Cardigan 2017

This is how you knit a sweater in four five days. You join a knitalong.

Marie Greene’s Four Day Knitalong

Marie Greene’s Four Day Knitalong has become an annual event over the Fourth of July holiday. Maybe you heard about the Beekeeper Cardigan that everyone made last year. I encourage you to join us this year.


Beekeeper Cardigan 2018

Finish a Sweater in Record Time

Whether or not you complete your sweater in Four Days, you are likely to finish your sweater more quickly than you would otherwise. Here’s why:

  • A knitalong provides focus. With a goal, you are likely to knit on one project only and thus accomplish a lot quickly.
  • You can draw strength, confidence and encouragement from all the other people knitting the same thing. There is a Facebook group where people ask and answer questions, post pictures and spread love. In the group, you will see others doing “the impossible”. You start to believe that you can too.
  • An event like this gives you an “excuse” to knit. “Sorry, we are having take out for dinner again tonight. I have to knit.” When your friends and family hear what you are attempting to do, they are suddenly cheering you on, encouraging you to knit, letting your usual obligations slide for a few days.
  • Even if you don’t finish in four days, this start will give you the momentum you need to complete the project.


How Do I Start?

Here are all the details for Marie’s Knitalong. To maximize your knitting time during the Four Days, I suggest that you start prepping now.

  1. Go on Ravelry and buy the pattern. The pattern won’t be delivered to your mailbox until June 27, but now you are signed up.
  2. Measure yourself. Measure a cardigan that fits you well. Decide which size to make. Finished measurements and fit suggestions are in the notes on the Ravelry Pattern page. This will tell you how much yarn you need.
  3. Stop by String Theory to get your yarn
  4. Swatch.

Here is What I’m Doing

I’m making mine in Dream in Color Classy. I was inspired by the colors that Dream in Color sent us for LYS Day for this shawl. They looked like the perfect palette of sweater colors to me. So I asked them to send me 10 skeins each in Classy, their superwash worsted weight, perfect for the Foxtrot sweater. We are unpacking the box today. Stop by soon to get your first choice of colors.

You Can Do It!

Many of you are wondering if you will have time to do the Four Day Knitalong, because you are already signed up to do our String Theory Mystery Knitalong in June.  Yes, of course, you can do both! Your Mystery project will be done by the end of June, just in time for you to start something new in July!

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