Lascaux Yarn – the best of both worlds

Lascaux Yarn – the best of both worlds
Lascaux is a worsted weight yarn that combines 25% Manx Loaghtan wool with 75% Punta Arenas.
Ram and whether (credit Rawdon Hayne)
Manx Loaghtan is a rare sheep breed, originating in Iron Age on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. Their wool is a deep brown with a beautiful luster. These sheep were almost extinct at the beginning of the 1970’s. Since then their number has increased to about 1500 ewes Today, Manx Loaghtan are not commonly bred, because they do not fulfill the commercial requirements that dictate white wool. The Manx lends a soft brown undertone to all the colors of Lascaux. You will even find an occasional brown slub which highlights the color.
The wool from Punta Arenas is a modern breed from Chile. It provides body and spring to the yarn. The combinations brings you the best of the old and new worlds.

Lascaux in the Lavender and Lace color way

Lascaux is a wooly yarn. However, it blooms after one good soak, giving it a soft halo that feels wonderful against your skin. It is dyed by Caroline Summerfield of Ancient Arts. She uses environmentally conscious dyes and dyeing practices.

Pattern Suggestions

North Channel Collared Cardigan by Marie Greene

I love my North Channel Collared Cardigan from Marie Greene’s book: Seamless Knitted Sweaters in Two Weeks.

Almina Shawl by Lisa Hannes

Take advantage of Lascaux’s great stitch definition with this textured shawl. (4 skeins)

Bough by Janina Kallio

Or maybe you’d rather work on some geometric lace? (3 skeins)

Bannf Hat by Tin Can Knits

Two skeins will make two of these color work hats, just switch the background color.

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