Together we are changing the world

Together we are changing the world

Our goal at String Theory is to change the world. It all started when my brother was killed on 9/11. That was when I discovered that knitting could be so much more than making a toy for my kids or a hat to keep them warm. Before 9/11, knitting was a guilty pleasure, a creative outlet, a way to feel productive when parenting completely mystified me. Afterward, I knew, what countless studies have since shown: knitting is actually good for you.⁠

Knitting helped me grieve. It kept my fingers moving when I had a hard time sitting still. It healed me.⁠

It was this discovery that led me to open String Theory. I wanted to create more peace in the world and I knew we could do that if more people knit. Day after day you show me that it is indeed possible.⁠

I also knew that I could spread peace globally by purchasing products from people who are doing what they can to make their world a better place. When you buy Handspun Hope or Manos del Uruguay or really anything at String Theory you are contributing to this vision. Together we are changing the world. ⁠

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. I am so very grateful!⁠

I tell my story in hopes that it will inspire you to take what life gives you and create something beautiful. The world needs you.⁠

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