Travel Knitting: What to Knit When You Are On the Go

Travel Knitting: What to Knit When You Are On the Go


Marina Circle Cowl

The first thing I do before every trip is plan out my knitting. We’ve talked before about how your trip deserves a new project, not the one that you are bored with. I know a lot of people that take the project that they just can’t get themselves to finish at home.  I’ve done this too. The idea is that if you only have this one project to work on, it will get finished. It is logical, but it doesn’t work.

A trip is an special occasion and your knitting should reflect that.

What to look for

When it comes to travel knitting Tilted Texture (pictured above) checks a lot of the boxes:

  • It is made on circular needles so no danger of dropping a needle between the seats in the car.(Been there, done that!)
  • It just starts with a few stitches, so you won’t lose track of your cast on count.
  • It is made up of a variety of sections so you won’t get bored.
  • Each section is easy enough for social knitting.
  • It uses fingering weight yarn, so you probably won’t run out of yarn before the end of your trip.

Try it with Woolfolk Sno (pictured) or Tynd. I’ve also seen this done in DK(try Eco Cashmere, June Cashmere or Afghan Cashmere) if you are more comfortable on bigger needles.

This one is pretty perfect, nevertheless I’m a firm believer that different situations require different projects. This goes for travel knitting too.

Chevy Hat

In Transit

When I’m knitting in the car or on the plane, I want a small project that can easily sit on my lap and be stuffed back in my travel bag when I get up to stretch. I also want a project that will keep my attention. I don’t mind checking my pattern, because I’m bored and appreciate the distraction. Sock knitters might choose a sock with a bit of a pattern like Socks on a Plane (toe up) or Two Color Socks (cuff down). A hat is also good for this: Stones on the Beach (fingering weight) or Chevy Hat(worsted)

Once I’ve Arrived

Whether I’m lounging by the lake or listening to lectures I want rows and rows of stockinette or garter. I once finished the better part of a Boxy in a business conference. My mind was engaged by the speaker and I just wanted to keep my hands busy.

Same goes when I’m visiting with friends. Unless I’m with other knitters, I don’t want to have to stop the conversation to count or consult my pattern. Try the  Marina Circle Cowl with one skein of Manos del Uruguay Marina: lots of yardage in a beautiful color and miles of stockinette. If you prefer going round and round instead of back and forth, I recommend The Darn It, Stripe It Cowl in Uneek Worsted.

Every Opening Flower

At Night If I’m Traveling Alone

Alone in a hotel room with room service and my knitting is its own little vacation within a vacation. This is the time for that project that takes concentration. This is the time to tackle a new technique or start something brand new.

Maybe the evenings are reserved for starting a sweater, getting your markers in place, your stitch pattern established and your momentum going. Or this is a good time for colorwork mittens. I like these or these. Spread out; make yourself comfortable. You’ve got your pattern with highlighter tape in front of you, small balls in a variety of colors at your side and a cup of tea or glass of wine on the nightstand. Dig in!

What are your favorite travel knitting projects?

Leave us a comment with your suggestions for travel knitting. I can’t wait to see what has worked for you.

Treat Yourself

This is your vacation! Treat yourself to your most enjoyable knitting.


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