Wow your Friends – Make them Mittens!

Wow your Friends – Make them Mittens!

Why make mittens in May?

  • Mittens make great gifts. Wouldn’t it be great to have a drawerful?
  • Mittens are portable projects that won’t overheat you as the weather warms.

For years I have watched Beth make mittens for teacher gifts and relatives. So when I was looking for ideas, I thought I should consult her first.

She made an annotated list for me, starting with her favorites. Enjoy!

Recess for Grownups

I was smitten with this pattern the first time I saw a picture of it! Making functional mittens that are puppets, too, was even more fun – the meandering colorwork, the eyes, the teeth! It’s one of only a few patterns I’d consider making more than once!

Paradoxical Mittens

The strong lines in the colorwork of these mittens make me think about Art Deco! I had fun choosing colors that provided enough contrast while remaining a little unexpected (unless you know my three favorite colors)! Adding a hint of color at the cuff makes these even more interesting.

Postwar Mittens

The intricacy of the colorwork gives these mittens such a polished feel! I found the short repeats easy to commit to memory; and even though I needed to use US0 needles, the overall result was well worth it! The pattern comes with three different colorwork options – this one is my favorite!

First Fair Isle Mittens

Charlene Schurch has an amazing assortment of colorwork mitten patterns. I like the use of multiple colorwork motifs and crisp lines on these! I learned so much about holding tension, color dominance, and colorwork in general during my experience making these.

Patternless Cotton Colorwork Mittens

These mittens were completely improvised! I made them up as I went, with an ecclectic allergic-to-wool recipient in mind. Although knitting fair isle with worsted weight cotton isn’t the easiest task, I’ve always liked how these turned out – warm, soft, thick, and interchangeable.


Beth McNish, mitten knitter extraordinare

What are your favorite mitten patterns? Let us know in the comments.

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