Ann Weaver - Afterthought Heel

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Sunday, March 7
1 - 3pm Central Time

There are several methods of turning the heel when knitting socks. The afterthought method enables you to place and knit a heel after the body of the sock—essentially a tube—is complete. By working an afterthought heel, you can knit mindlessly on your sock tube while traveling or watching movies and work the part that requires concentration—the heel—at the end. It also enables you to fit the sock perfectly to the intended wearer’s foot, eliminating the need to try on the sock while you are knitting it or have the recipient’s foot measurements handy.

In this workshop, we’ll work afterthought heels on worsted-weight tubes to learn the skill before you apply it to a pair of socks you’ve knit.

Skills needed:
Sock knitting experience of any kind (toe-up or top-down) • Comfort with picking up stitches

Techniques covered: Afterthought heels—the no-waste-yarn method • Kitchener stitch • Other technical details of knitting socks

Materials needed: US Size 7, set of 4 double-pointed needles or 32-inch circular needle for magic loop • Removable stitch marker • Tapestry needle • Tape measure • Small, sharp scissors • Small amount (20 grams is plenty) of worsted-weight yarn in each of two colors: one color for knitting the practice tube and one color for knitting the heel. I recommend smooth yarn in light, solid colors.

Homework: Knit your practice tube as follows: Using US Size 7 needles and worsted weight yarn, CO 64 sts. Knit in the round until tube measures approximately 6 inches. Bind off.

Ann Weaver has created things her whole life. She learned to knit when she was seven, learned to read a pattern at 22, and started sharing her designs though various forms of publication in 2007.

Since graduating from New York University with majors in Art and English, Ann has worked as a deli associate, Harvard graduate student in Assyriology, Macy’s cosmetics counter manager, teaching fellow, assistant curator, state bureaucrat, temp, Akkadian instructor, medical secretary, assistant office manager, barback, commercial bread baker, and proofreader, among other things. She is always looking for a new adventure.

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