Oilcloth Tote

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Available in Two Sizes!
These bags are not just for makers, they are also perfect for grocery runs, an escape to the  beach, or a picnic in the park. Oilcloth totes are waterproof, making  spills, sand, and muddy puddles easy to clean right off.

Large lined Oilcloth tote 
How many projects can you fit in this one lightweight bag? One afghan. Two sweaters. Three shawls. Fifteen hats.
Large Size:  20" x 15" deep with black webbing straps 

Medium lined Oilcloth tote
For those times when you can leave a few things at home! These are a little narrower than the large bag, but equally deep. They will hold your iPad, a project, and your lunch; or a few books and a light jacket.  These will hold 2-3 accessory projects!
The medium size is only available in Black Paradise, Aqua Bloom, Yellow Mum, Black Tehuana, and Navy Blue London.
Medium Size:  13.5" x 15" deep with black webbing straps

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