Sol LeWitt Scarf Kits

Preorders accepted until 10/18
Delivery mid - November

This project is both meditative and engaging. The consistent garter stripes let your mind wander - easy for even the beginner knitter. The colorplay satisfies your creative side. You can follow the prescribed stripe pattern or create your own.

Kit contains:

  • Coupon code for free pattern download
  • two 50g skeins of Plied Yarn
  • four 25g skeins of Plied Yarn
  • one bobbin of Plied Yarn
    Note: The pattern includes the stripe sequence for both Team Captain and Dr. Wheels, so you can choose either one or make up your own.

Plied Yarn North Ave.
100% non-superwash wool; 2-ply woolen spun
215 yd/197M in a 50g skein
North Ave is a woolen-spun, hand-dyed, marled yarn. Harrisville spins the fiber, and Plied Yarns hand-dyes it in Baltimore.

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