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Zebra DK

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Local yarn dyer Naima Bond, aka Sister Ananse, applies what she has learned as an art student to dyeing yarn. The results are phenomenal!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

"Zebra" yarn gets its name because it starts out with black and white yarns stranded together giving it the zebra look. The black stays black even after the dye is added. When it is worked up, it is actually a bit more subtle than it appears in the skein. 

Used by itself, it is best in a pattern that is primarily stockinette, garter, or eyelets - simple patterns that highlight the beauty of the colors of the yarn. Avoid cables and intricate lace that will be obscured by the colors.   Crescent City is perfect for one skein!

Zebra yarn is also beautiful when striped with a semi-solid like in this sweater or saved for the edge of a shawl.

DK weight
100% Merino
245 yards = 100g

Note: Naima puts a lot of different colors in most skeins, so yours may look slightly different than the skein pictured.

Pattern Suggestions:
Soundtrack Cowl: two contrasting skeins
Framework Bralette: this yarn is so soft against your skin
Tincture Hat: pair Zebra DK with a skein of Dream in Color Cosette
Easy Goes It DK: easy triangle shawl
Cinnabar Shawl: this yarn is beautiful in brioche
Crescent City:  one skein wonder shawl

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Warhol Zebra DK Truck

The yarn is lovely and I ordered more so I can make something from it. I would love some suggested patterns. Any ideas to share?

Judy Miller

Fun yarn!

This yarn is soft and pretty and works up in amazing ways. I really like working with this yarn.

Zebra DK yarn

I recently bought some Zebra DK yarn to make a shawl. I had never knit with I before then.
Once I started I could hardly stop. The colors are great and the yarn is so soft that it just glides off the needle. It made the prettiest shawl and I sure plan on buying it again. Wonderful!

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