Amble Mini

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81m (88yd) per 25g hank
70% Easy-wash Merino wool, 20% Easy-wash alpaca, 10% recycled nylon
Care: Machine wash on cool, dry flat  

Amble is everything that you’d want from a sock yarn; soft and comfortable, yet it’s strong enough to withstand lots of wear thanks to the recycled nylon in this blend. An eco-friendly Easy-wash treatment is used to make Amble machine-washable and easy to care for too.  
Amble has been designed to be easy on the environment. Their Easy-wash is a trademarked name that refers to a process used to make the wool and alpaca fibers in Amble machine washable without shrinking. The Easy-wash method is chlorine-free and AOX-free, making it the best environmental choice for producing machine-washable wool.
Nylon fiber is not easily biodegradable. However, it has strength qualities that give yarns and the socks more durability. The recycled nylon used in Amble sock yarn comes from leftover industrial waste of processing nylon, thereby diverting waste from landfills, and using fewer production resources like water and fossil fuels than virgin nylon.

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