Ann Weaver - Color Theory for Knitters Oct 25

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Color Theory for Knitters (via Zoom)

Sunday Oct 25 at 1 - 3:00pm (CT)

This is Ann's most popular class! 

   *  I will never look at a painting in the same way again.
  *  Other workshops have been entertaining, but I learned so much with Ann Weaver.

With pictures, samples, and stories, Ann will teach you what artists know about combining colors and how to apply these techniques to your knitting. The Albers Cowl project is the perfect place to experiment.

Are you tired of knitting with the same colors over and over again?  Have you experimented with color before and been disappointed with your results?  Are you afraid to pick color combinations other than the ones shown in the pattern?  

This class will give you the confidence to play with color.

As we work, Ann will give us tips for picking up stitches and ensuring that our squares are really square. Your handiwork and your color combination will both be exquisite.

Skills needed:
 Casting on and knitting garter stitch; experience knitting with fingering-weight yarn on small needles

Materials needed: Homework: 
  1. Before class, you will knit the center square of Block #1 in a color you love.
  2. Then, go through your stash to find other colors that you'd like to incorporate in your cowl. 
  3. Send us pictures of projects with color combinations that you love or combinations that you don't think work. Ann will discuss these in class.

Ann Weaver has created things her whole life. She learned to knit when she was seven, learned to read a pattern at 22, and started sharing her designs though various forms of publication in 2007.

Since graduating from New York University with majors in Art and English, Ann has worked as a deli associate, Harvard graduate student in Assyriology, Macy’s cosmetics counter manager, teaching fellow, assistant curator, state bureaucrat, temp, Akkadian instructor, medical secretary, assistant office manager, barback, commercial bread baker, and proofreader, among other things. She is always looking for a new adventure.

Ann’s design work reflects this quest for adventure; while retaining a clean, wearable aesthetic, Weaverknits designs experiment with asymmetry, unusual color and yarn combinations, and androgyny.  In the past three years, Ann’s designs have been featured in online and print magazines and books, and are also available as individual patterns. Craft Work Knit is her first self-published collection of patterns, inspired by her family, friends, and the practical garments she wears to work every day.

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