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DK Weight
Woolen-spun American Cormo & Wool

This 3-ply American Cormo and wool combine to form a light and airy DK weight yarn that is soft and distinct.

100-gram skein (3.5 oz.), approx. 250 yards 

We Love a Good Story

Immediately after developing Nightshades, Harrisville decided to create an inverse of that color palette, inspired by the same dusting of color.

The challenge in developing this palette was greater than any yarn project to date for their mill. The slightest amount of color, too much or too little, takes the yarn from subdued, to overly bright. Nailing the right balance for each color was essential to creating a palette that mirrored its counterpart Nightshades.

Three years later, after many test runs and experimentation, they’ve arrived at the right color formulas.  Daylights was developed from the hues cast by the sun crossing the horizon, breathing life into everything it touches. The twinkling of sunshine dancing through the trees, and its iridescent hues, inspire unexpected color combinations 

This yarn is spun from the same crimpy, long, and fine wool as Nightshades. Montana-grown Cormo wool makes for a springy 3-ply, light and perfect for a heavy-wear garment, or a light accessory.

What Will You Make?
If you are looking for pattern suggestions, take a look at this collection they put together of sweaters and accessories.

Promises in the Dark (mosaic shawl with Nightshades)
Bookish Cardi
Dagna Hat (stranded with Nightshades)
Photography Shawl
ChrisCross Cardigan (held with mohair)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
More interesting than a solid white

I was worried this would be too “crunchy” for a hat, but it worked great for the color work. Very easy to work with and knits up fast!

I love Daylights!!

I made a cowl with Daylights and Nightshades and I really loved them. They were a pleasure to knit with and I REALLY like the shading in the yarn. Because I like lighter shades better than darker, I prefer Daylights, but I've actually gotten sweater quantities of both and enough Daylights (chirp) to do a scarf in the January NKNAL.

Your yarn makes a positive impact

By purchasing yarn from String Theory, you’re lifting up a number of small and female-owned businesses. We help women in Rwanda, who survived the genocide, educate a new generation. We help women in Uruguay find meaningful work without leaving their rural homes. We help a family in New Hampshire maintain a mill, a tradition spanning hundreds of years. We help restore the Patagonia Grasslands by encouraging sustainable farming.Every yarn we stock makes a positive impact.

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