Held Together Hat Kit

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Every year during the Chicago yarn crawl, we highlight a yarn company that exemplifies who we are and what we believe at String Theory.  In 2020, we highlighted two: Plied Yarns and Neighborhood Fiber Co., both amazing companies working hard to make the world a better place.

As Janet designed this hat, she kept comping back to the idea of friendship - particularly her friendship with Ann Weaver (cofounder of Plied), and Karida Collins (cofounder of Plied and founder of Neighborhood Fiber Co.).  So much good has come from these relationships.

We hope that as you knit this hat, you will take a minute to appreciate all the people that hold you together.  And recognize all that you do for them.

Each kit includes:
• (1) skein Plied North Ave
• (1) skein NFC Loft
• (1) Plied bobbin
• (1) String Theory Manifesto bag
• the Held Together Hat pattern

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Category: Plied, yarn crawl

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