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Lang Linello is a worsted weight yarn made of 40% linen, 32% cotton, and 28% viscose. The cotton and linen make a breathable fabric, perfect for warm summer days and balmy evenings. The viscose provides a beautiful sheen and drape. The long swaths of different colors make every project unique. 

Pattern Suggestions
Bias Rectangle Scarf - 3 balls - scrunch it up for a cool scarf, open it up to keep the chill off your shoulders
Touchstone Shawl - 2 balls - summer version of the shawl we made for one of the Newish Knitter Knitalongs
Hugs and Stitches Cowl - 1 ball - great summer accessory with eyelets
Rift - 2 to 4 balls - the easy to make and easy to wear top that goes over anything

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