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Potholder Loops

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Each regular size bag has enough loops to make eight 6" x 6" potholders.
The party size has enough loops to make 18 potholders!

Please note: Since the colors are mixed together by hand, we can't absolutely guarantee that you will get an exactly even number of each color in the blends. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love lots of Loops

My granddaughter is enjoying creating new and amazing patterns with her potholder loom and we keep adding new colors. I have ordered more to replenish her supply.
The colors are beautiful and the quality of the cotton make the especially good for weaving!

Diane G.
Don’t accept substitutes - buy these!

I’ve bought each of the four color sets available. Each has a great range of colors to play with. You can mix colors from different bags - they all work together on the Harrisville Loom.

These all cotton loops are purpose-made to be used on the looms. They won’t melt, like cheap nylon ones. And they are soft and vivid. Highly recommended.

I made a set of six, pictured below, that we use as giant coasters. They are very absorbent and thick.

Your yarn makes a positive impact

By purchasing yarn from String Theory, you’re lifting up a number of small and female-owned businesses. We help women in Rwanda, who survived the genocide, educate a new generation. We help women in Uruguay find meaningful work without leaving their rural homes. We help a family in New Hampshire maintain a mill, a tradition spanning hundreds of years. We help restore the Patagonia Grasslands by encouraging sustainable farming.Every yarn we stock makes a positive impact.

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