Mystery Knitalong Clues ONLY

Starting on Sunday, June 7, 2020, we will email you a piece of a pattern, including pictures and helpful tutorials. At the end of four weeks, you will have all the pieces of the puzzle and a lovely knitted …. something.

The projects we pick are easy enough for adventurous beginners but interesting enough for more advanced knitters. Our hope is that you’ll learn a little something along the way.

If you need help at any point, you are welcome to stop by the store for assistance. A group gets together on Sunday afternoons to help each other through. And we will set up a Mystery KAL topic on our Ravelry board for those of you who are not local.

Your first challenge will be to decide on your yarn. You will need four colors of sportweight yarn.

  1. 290 yds Color A
  2. 292 yards Color B
  3. 276 yds Color C
  4. 130 yds Color D

Contrast is very important. Colors A and C should be light and Colors B and D should be dark (or vice versa). Take a picture of your colors with the Black and White filter on your phone to test the contrast.

    You will also need US4 and US5 24" circular needles.

    Click to order bamboo or metal needles.

    Note: If you bought a Mystery Kit, your clues are included.

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