Boxes of Light, Joy and Peace FAQs

Boxes of Light, Joy and Peace FAQs

“I am lovin’ this box of light. I do open one per day …. just to prolong the joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

 – a happy customer responds after we heard that some customers opened all 31 of their surprises in one sitting

Frequently Asked Questions

Box of Light

Box of Light contains 31 surprises including yarny goodness, inspiration, and some treats for body and soul – a daily practice to help bring light into your life. Your box will include a meditative cowl pattern, and 31 packages (one to open for everyday in December) including mini skeins to make the cowl, and other goodies to delight you. Click here to order.

Is this the same box that you created last year?
The concept is the same but the yarn, pattern and goodies are different. And the box includes approximately 50% more yardage than last year.

Will we get a new box every day in December?
No, you will pick up one box that contains 31 individually wrapped gifts. Each day you will have the opportunity to open a gift, knit a little and contemplate peace. You may choose to start your day with your Box of Light at sunrise or maybe you will save it until right before you go to sleep. Maybe it is the break you need during your lunch hour at work. We’ve heard that some people sit down and open all 31 packages at once : )

Is this like a mystery knitalong, where we don’t know what we are making?
No, the project will be a cowl with a meditative stitch pattern. Your 31 gifts will include 15 different yarns to complete the project, as well as other goodies to make you smile.

I’m a beginner; can I do this?
Yes, if you have knit in the round before, you can do this!

I am a crocheter. What about me?
We know crocheters that purchased the box in 2017 and loved it so much they bought it again in 2018. Just find a crochet pattern that uses less than 600 yards of a fingering weight yarn and you will be fine.

Why do we have to preorder the box by October 15?
We need time to assemble each box with 31 surprises. We want to make sure that your box is ready for you by November 12 so that you have time to come by and pick it up before December 1st.

What if I can’t come by the store to pick up my box?
We will happily ship it to you. Just choose the shipping option when you order.

How do I get one?
We will be taking orders until October 15 (unless they sell out sooner). You can purchase yours online, call the store with your credit card or stop by.

Box of Joy

The Box of Joy makes a great gift. We’ve put together a kit with joyously hand dyed worsted weight yarn to make a cowl. The exclusive pattern, needles, notions and some fun surprises are also included. Although we think the Box of Joy makes a great Christmas gift, there is nothing about it that is particularly “christmasy”. It would be perfect to celebrate a birthday, a new baby or a cross country move. Click here to order.

How does this differ from the Box of Light?

  1. Both boxes ultimately make a cowl. The biggest difference is the yarn.The Box of Light contains 15 different fingering weight yarns and the Box of Joy contains just one type of hand-dyed worsted weight yarn. So the Box of Joy does not have the aspect of a yarn tasting.
  2. In addition, the Box of Joy experience is shorter. Given that it is worsted weight, it will take less time and there are not as many goodies to open.

Is the Box of Joy meant to be a Christmas gift?

The Box of Joy would make a wonderful Christmas gift, however there is nothing in there that ties to that holiday. We also think it would make a great birthday gift. Or send one to someone who needs a boost to get through finals. Or send some joy to a friend going through a difficult time. Or their caregiver.

Is it difficult?
If the recipient has knit in the round, they can do this!

Box of Peace

The Box of Peace contains five projects from companies directly focused on making the world a better place. Pace yourself or cast them all on at once. Click here to order.

How is the Box of Peace different than the Box of Light and Joy?

  1. The Box of Peace is less about improving your life with the daily practice of knitting and more about using your craft to bring peace to others.
  2. Instead of daily goodies, you will have five single skein projects to open. Pace yourself or cast them all on at once. We’ve selected projects from Handspun Hope, Manos del Uruguay, Garnsurr, June Cashmere and Migration Yarns. Each project contains a card explaining the social mission behind the corresponding company. If you are making these projects as gifts for others, the card makes a nice enclosure.
  3. These projects are not necessarily meditative knitting and may include tutorials for new techniques.
  4. Start in December and you’ll have some gifts for giving. Continue in January because you deserve something to keep for yourself.

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