Five Things to Find on the Chicago Yarn Crawl

Five Things to Find on the Chicago Yarn Crawl

The 10th Annual Chicago Yarn Crawl Starts on Saturday. After 10 years of watching crawlers, I have a little advice.

Crawl. Don’t run.

The Yarn Crawl is meant to be experienced at a leisurely pace. Pace yourself and take breaks. Explore the different neighborhoods. Each participating shop has made recommendations for other places that you might want to visit nearby, including their favorite options for food and coffee.

Badge of Courage Hat – pattern available at String Theory

Find These Things at Every Stop

Visiting several stores in one day can get a little overwhelming. At each stop, I hope that you take a moment to breathe in the vibe and discover the treasures that each store has to offer. For example, here is I hope you discover while you visit String Theory:

  1. A free pattern that inspires you- Every year we design our free pattern to highlight a yarn that we feel tells the story of String Theory. This year we used Garnsurr yarn dyed by refugee women acclimating to new life in Norway. At String Theory, we support good causes all over the world. This yarn tells that story.
  2. Yarn that you haven’t seen before – Every store has a different selection of yarns. At String Theory we specialize in yarns that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
  3. A display sample that makes your needles twitch – Is it a garment that perfectly fills a hole in your wardrobe? Is it a stitch pattern that delights (or challenges) you? Is it a yarn that knits up differently from how it looks in the skein?
  4. the perfect spot to take a selfie – Pleae take pictures to share on Facebook and Instagram. Tag #ChicagoYarnCrawl2019 and the store you are in (e.g. #stringtheoryge). This helps others discover the fun of the crawl.
  5. A welcoming community – most days you will find people hanging out at our table working on their current projects. We embrace diversity. Friendships form among people who might not have met otherwise.

Shop Local First

Over the last ten years we have seen a lot of stores come and go. We are so grateful that you take the time to explore your local knitting community during the yarn crawl. Your purchases make all the difference.



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