How to Avoid a Travel Knitting Disaster

How to Avoid a Travel Knitting Disaster

Travel knitting disasters, I’ve had my share.

I boarded the plane, removed my project from my carry on and strapped myself in, prepared for take off. As the plane gathered speed on the runway, I contentedly knit, I purled. As the plane inclined for take off, my yarn ball rolled off my lap and under my seat and under the seat behind me and under the seat behind that. My family was mortified and it was only minutes into the first day of our trip!

I’ve had my share of disasters, but I’ve also learned a thing or two along the way. Having the right tools with you on vacation is as important as having the right projects.

Keep Your Yarn in a Bag

Now when I fly, I am careful to carry my yarn in a GoKnit bag. There is so much to love about this simple pouch:

  • It is indestructible. The fabric won’t rip. Your needles won’t poke through.
  • It is waterproof. A friend told me about a time that she was knitting at a bar (as one does) and someone knocked their beer over on top of her GoKnit bag. Her knitting project emerged unscaithed. GoKnit bags are also machine washable.
  • It is lightweight and takes up no more room in your suitcase than is absolutely necessary.
  • It has a loop that attaches to the tray table (pictured above) or your wrist or your belt loop. It is a lot less likely to be left behind if it is attached to something else.

I haven’t had to retrieve a wandering yarn ball in ages.

Put Your Needles in a Needle Keeper

Travel is all about interruption. You’ve been waiting and waiting but now suddenly everyone is ready to head to the beach and leaving you behind. The plane has been delayed for hours but NOW you need to board.  There isn’t always the time to finish a row and carefully put your things away. I usually just stuff my project in the bag and return later to uncover a tangled mess.

A needle keeper will save you. Before you stuff your knitting in a bag, shove both needles in a needle keeper. This will keep the stitches on the needles, the needles from becoming entangled in your project and your project from unraveling. When you get back to your knitting, you can start where you left off, no dropped stitches to rescue or snagged yarn to smooth out.

Bring a Traveling Toolkit

Did you know that in a pinch you can measure your progress with a dollar bill? That is if you can remember that.a dollar bill is 2.61 inches wide and 6.14 inches long. My everyday notion bag is full to overflowing with items of sentimental value and other “junk”. I have the tape measure that a friend brought me back from a trip, the scissors with the pretty handles that I couldn’t resist, hundreds of stitch markers (or none!), leftover bits of yarn, a piece of chocolate…So for trips, I used to create a new notion bag with all the essentials, but nothing that I would be devastated to lose. Inevitably I would forget something, that is how I happen to know the dimensions of the dollar bill.

Akerworks to the rescue! Their new knit kit makes knitting on the go so much easier. It has everything you need: A swatch gauge, needle gauge, tape measure, scissors, tapestry needles and stitch markers. Added bonus: it is all magnetic! Turn it upside down, nothing falls out. Disaster avoided. Smooth knitting ahead.

Tell Me About Your Travel Knitting Tools

I would love to hear about your travel disasters, I mean how your favorite tools help you avoid them. Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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  1. Sock knitters…the airplane is what that fifth dp needle is for. You WILL drop one to never be seen again. Always bring all five.!
    Or…better yet, magic loop was created for airplanes.

    Maren Malm
    June 18th, 2019 Reply

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