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Ants and grasshoppers, casting on and binding off - String Theory Yarn Co

Ants and grasshoppers, casting on and binding off

by Meg Dedolph

Some of us knitters have this thing, where we act like the number of unfinished objects (UFOs for short) in our knitting baskets and bins somehow reflects on us personally, that it’s the fiber artist’s closet full of used-once sporting goods.

I tend to swing between “Cast on all the interesting things at once now!” and “Finish everything!” I think most people do. Some days, you eat your leftovers and other days, you want to go to a buffet and have one bite of everything.

And much like I am certain spring will follow winter, I also know that I will eventually finish with everything I cast on, one way or another. It gives me a lot of peace, having the freedom to experiment and play with my craft and try out new ideas. And then in a few weeks, I know I’ll have the urge to start picking off my UFOs, one at a time, with the little dopamine burst that comes from finishing a project.

The only thing I do not have the urge to do is feel embarrassed. I’m not embarrassed about having lots of ideas or making big exuberant plans, and I’m not embarrassed about putting my nose to the grindstone. I can be an ant and a grasshopper, especially when it comes to the things I do for fun.

So, wherever you’re at these days, whether it’s trying all the things, or tidying up your work basket - have a great time doing it.
What’s got you excited right now? Big finish? Big start? 

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