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Good Yarn

Are you overwhelmed by everything going on in the world?
You've come to the right place.
At String Theory you are making the world better one stitch at a time.
Studies show that knitting and crochet improves your physical and mental wellbeing.
We love helping you find a project that restores your inner peace.
Inner peace leads to world peace. That is no small thing, but we know that you want to do more.
You want the money you spend on your passion to create the kind of world you want to live in.
So shop at String Theory. We make it simple: everything here is good for somebody, somewhere.
Your purchase makes a world of difference here.

Meditative Knitting

Finito 2.0 Kits

Great for the newer knitter. Worked lengthwise, you leave yarn ends for fringe, so there is no weaving in of colors. When you are finished, it is Finito!
Our kit includes luxurious wool/silk yarn that is hand dyed by a women's cooperative in Uruguay.

Pick a color
Only a few left...

Hello, Hope Gift Package

With your purchase of a Hello, Hope package, you hold the power to help a Rwandan woman break the generational cycle of poverty in her family and bring her hope.

Each package contains:
🧶 500 yards of
Borocera Silk
💛 pattern suggestions
💛 6 stitch markers of hand-carved cow horn
💛 1 dumpling project bag
💛 1 wool felted gorilla ornament
☕️ Rwandan coffee from women-run farms


Find your perfect project

We believe that there is a perfect project for every moment in your life. Meditative projects are perfect for morning ritual or an evening in front of the tv. However, sometimes you need a challenge to motivate you or practice your concentration. Big afghans can keep you cozy while knitting in the winter. Smaller projects are perfect for traveling and waiting for kids. Take a look and see what calls your name. Let us know if you have any questions.

String Theory Yarn Co.

String Theory provides a conscientiously-curated selection of yarns that make a positive difference in the world.

You’ll find a wide range of organic, fair trade and eco-friendly yarns.


I just finished a fingerless mitten class and it was phenomenal! Liz was patient and funny and full of helpful hints. I normally cast on by " knitting" on.. she showed me how to cast on by thumb and today I did it on my own for the first time!!!

Andrea D.

Super cute yarn shop! Nice selection of yarn, lots of visible samples, and helpful staff! You can find neat crafted accessories from cool vendors, like project bags and various supplies, too. Great shop!

Elizabeth m.


We know stuff. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of customers work their way out all sorts of fibery dilemmas. Every once in a while we create a post or a video with our favorite tips. Take a look. You might find an answer to a question you didn’t even think to ask

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