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Christmas Morning Cast-on Plans

Christmas Morning Cast-on Plans

by Meg Dedolph

One of the things I love about holidays is the opportunity to live a day outside the normal routine. 

The holidays tick a lot of boxes: you might not be at home, you might be around people you don’t usually see, you might get to eat foods you don’t usually enjoy … and you might get some extra crocheting or knitting time.

I specifically said “no” to the usual Christmas roast dinner, because nothing brings out the Scrooge in me like putting down my cup of coffee and saying “Welp, time to get cooking!” on Christmas morning. This year, it’s spinach-and-cheese manicotti, garlic bread and a salad, with tiramisu for dessert … and half of that is getting made on Dec. 24, which means that I am planning for some quality time with yarn and needles.

I didn't do a lot of gift knitting - my only serious attempt went off the rails when I read a pattern wrong - so I don't feel compelled to make something for myself, necessarily. Some years, that's different for me, but not this one.

I have been thinking about what to knit for a while. I thought about the pleasure of finishing a stalled project. It's not the same thrill as a new cast-on, but it's a good thrill anyway.

I thought about the Distortion Fibers sock yarn from our recent trunk show that’s under the tree and how nice it might be to wear some wintry socks soon.

I thought about a couple kits I bought on trips, and how much fun it would be to start something new while reminiscing about some of the adventures our family had over the summer.  

And then I thought about a friend of mine who put a lot of effort and time into making sure some kids she works with had a good Christmas. I thought about the pictures she posts from her snowy Vermont hikes, and I remembered a cowl I saw on Ravelry with twisted stitch cables, which are so much fun to knit. I think I’m going to make a decision between some Rios in Frank Ochre and some honey-colored Cosette and make sure I’ve got the right sized needle ready. 

No reason I can’t bring that feel-good holiday spirit right into the new year with me.

Whatever your celebrations bring, I hope it’s great, and I hope you get to spend some time with your favorite craft. What are you all going to make?

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