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How to Wind Yarn into a Ball - String Theory Yarn Co

How to Wind Yarn into a Ball

Winding your yarn into a ball can be a pleasing, meditative experience. As the yarn moves through your fingers, think about how you would describe it.

  • How is the new yarn different from the last one you worked with?
  • Is the strand flat or round? Lofty or dense? Slippery or toothsome?
  • Do you think the stitches you knit will stand out or are they softened by a halo?
  • When you tug at the yarn, does it bounce back?

If you haven't wound yarn by hand before, take a look at this video to see how it is done. 

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Colleen Koziara - February 18, 2022

Wonderful! i have always just rolled yarn balls the way my gramma showed me. and the kept my cats and dogs entertained as the balls hopped and bounced and popped up out of whatever container i had them in. i can’t wait to try this next time!

Debbie Myers - December 9, 2021

I’m going to give this a try because I struggle winding yarn into a ball. I always end up with a mess that would knot up if I didn’t patiently work through the twisted mess. I’m sure this way will take some practice, but hopefully I will master it and get better at it as I go. Thanks Janet for educating us!

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