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String Theory has a natural dye garden! - String Theory Yarn Co

String Theory has a natural dye garden!






The planters in front of 477 and 473 aren't just beautiful- they're functional! 

Emily chose the plants and flowers because they can all be used as natural dyes. Here are just a few of the beautiful plants we have on display, with descriptions from the amazing book "The Modern Natural Dyer" by Kristine Vejar. Her book is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to try natural dying. She includes detailed information as well as projects for all levels of expertise, as well as knitting and sewing patterns that are paired with dying instructions and suggestions. 

Coreopsis: Golden yellow or rust color


Marigold: Yellow, gold, and chartreuse


Japanese Indigo: Turquoise, light blue, green


Yarrow: Warm ivory or buttery yellow


Rhubarb Root: A range of colors from saffron yellow to sherbet orange


Interested in learning more? Check out Emily's video, where she talks about the plants and dying process, and of course, come see our garden in person!

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