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Our favorite sock knitting notions

Our favorite sock knitting notions

by Meg Dedolph

Summer is for sock knitting. They're small, they're portable, they're fun and they use up those gorgeous single skeins of yarn we all have hiding in our stashes. Whether you're a double pointed needle fan, a magic loop aficionado, or you like Flexi Flips or circular needles, we have some notions that will make your sock knitting more fun.

Let's start with the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. This little gadget is the Swiss Army knife of sock knitting tools. There are rulers for one- and two-inch cuffs, there is a blade concealed in the toe for cutting yarn – super handy if your summer plans include air travel – and on the back, directions for how to graft toes shut.

The next tool falls into the category of “things I didn't know I needed until I got one.” This sock ruler makes it really easy to tell when it's time to start the toe. If you like to knit socks for other people it's especially handy because it gives shoe sizes as well as inch and centimeter measurements.

 This one is for the double pointed needle users. You know how when you throw your sock in progress into the bag because the swim meet is over and you have to get everyone wrapped in towels in a hurry and then the next time you pull your sock out, stitches have slipped off your DPNs? Try this DPN holder and you won't have that problem again.

 Finally, when you reach the toe of your sock, if you are knitting cuff down, and you realize you can't remember how to graft the toe shut, these two tools are here to rescue you.  Both come with clips and chains to attach to your knitting bag so they will always be handy.

 I find it's easier to take my socks on the go with me when I have a small project bag. This one is the perfect size. So is this one.

So wherever your summer plans take you, don't forget your knitting. If you need a great, versatile sock pattern to get started, check out this one by Tin Can Knits.

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