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What's up, Doc? Three rabbit patterns to knit this spring - String Theory Yarn Co

What's up, Doc? Three rabbit patterns to knit this spring

by Meg Dedolph

I have a weakness for little knitted critters, and with spring springing, I have rabbits on the brain. 

Now you can, too. 

A few tips - you should be comfortable using DPNs to tackle these little friends. Shorter needles work better for me than the 6-inch ones. A pom-pom maker is good for the tails. Don't forget to trim the poms so they’re even and round.

Button eyes are cute, but if you’re giving your rabbits to toddlers, skip the buttons for safety eyes (available at craft stores), or embroidered eyes. And really sew the tails on tightly.

I used worsted weight yarn (Woolstok 50g skeins), though any weight of yarn works; just choose your needle size accordingly and be prepared for rabbits of different sizes. Hold silk mohair with the Woolstok for extra softness.


From left to right, the patterns are: - the easiest rabbit       here, with i-cord ears and minimal shaping and sewing. - Slightly harder than the Bunny Nuggets, these start with just a few stitches on dpns, and then grow from there with increases. They have optional long legs, which I left off. - the most challenging rabbit of the three - you’ll use m1L and m1R increases, plus picking up stitches around the neck for the head. It’s worth it, though, for the elegant construction and cleverness of the pattern.

Hoppy knitting!

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