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2021 - Resolutions - String Theory Yarn Co

2021 - Resolutions

So….2020…..yeah…..who would have guessed a year ago we’d be wearing masks, limiting the number of customers in the store and doing business online and via curbside pickup.  We have changed, adapted and survived.  Let’s all take a deep breath and carefully tiptoe into 2021.  I’m working on my knitting resolutions. I know sometimes resolutions are cliche because we write them down but they are forgotten by February.  I have found that if I am accountable to someone I stick to things better so I will share my resolutions with all of you as a means of being accountable.  

First, in 2020 I had problems focusing so I started so many projects!  My goal is to finish 2 of them.  Saying that I’m going to finish all of them is crazy because there are a lot! So I’ll start with finishing 2 project, Speckle and Pop by Stephen West and Breathe and Hope by Casapinka.  These were 2 of the projects I started shortly after everything locked down.  I used very bright colors from Knitted Witt and Plied.  Colors that were outside of my normal but I just needed something bright and cheery. I will always remember them as my 2020 knits, the crazy colors reflected crazy times and my scattered mind.  

Second, I want to do something new.  I’m thinking that I want to learn Brioche and master it so that I can confidently teach this technique.  What new technique would you like to learn?  Socks? Continental knitting? Lace knitting? Colorwork?  Maybe doing something new for you would be trying a new yarn weight or fiber or joining one of our Knit-Alongs.  

Third, I want to make an item for the scarf market in 2021.  Every year I say “this is the year” but then November sneaks up on me and I have nothing.  So 2021 will be the year I will contribute to this wonderful fundraiser.  

Fourth, I want to make gifts for friends and family this year. I’m going to organize myself early and create a bundle in Ravelry titled Gifts 2021.  All of the projects that I believe to be giftworthy will be in this bundle so when the store gets some new and amazing yarn I can quickly reference this bundle and make a focused purchase.  I will also have a gift bin at home so that throughout the year I can store my gifts in this bin and always be prepared.  

Finally, I will treat myself to something luxurious.  2020 was a hard year for all of us.  Our lives have changed and we need to be sure that we take care of ourselves.  Many of us have a list of people who we take care of and we end up putting ourselves low on the list.  When my brother suddenly died 2 years ago the grief counselor advised me to give myself a treat each day because I was taking care of everyone and everything and if I didn’t take care of myself I would break. I always remember that advice.  Let me repeat 2020 was a hard year.  We adapted and made it.  It’s time to take care of us now.  Something luxurious could mean the “fancy” stitch markers or it could mean knitting something for yourself with the yarn you always look at but have never bought...yet.  Whatever it means for you, get it and every time you use it think “I deserve this” because you do!!

What are some of your resolutions? If you would like, send me an email at with the subject STYC - Resolutions and I will periodically email you throughout the year to help keep you accountable to your resolutions. I miss the large table at String Theory.  I miss seeing our community in person and without masks.  This is what I am offering to keep our community going strong.  I believe our group of knitters and crocheters can and will do amazing things together.  

Binding off…

Liz Daly 

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