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25 Projects to make with Naturally-Dyed Fiber

25 Projects to make with Naturally-Dyed Fiber

I had so much fun playing with our new Love of Colour natural dye kits that I wanted to make another blog post! Dyeing fabric or yarn is a fun activity in itself, at the end of the day you'll probably want to DO something with that special skein of yarn/yard of fabric/silk scarf.

Here's a list for every skill level - some projects involve hand or machine sewing, but many do not!

  1. Use a small square of dyed fabric as the backdrop in a special nature-inspried emboridery project. (If you're local, you can learn how to embroider with a hoop at this upcoming class at String Theory!)
  2. Make a gift extra special by using your naturally-dyed fabric to make furoshiki (Japanese gift wrapping
  3. Or, take furoshiki to the next level and make a no-sew bag
  4. Visit your local resale shop or Goodwill and treasure hunt garments to dye - Look for white or natural-colored shirts (for example) with 100% natural fibers to experiment with (linen, cotton, silk, wool). This is probably the most eco-friendly project you can make!
  5. Use a handful of wool roving to create an extra-special felted heart 
  6. Or, us the wool roving as a patch for visible mending
  7. Tie a naturally-dyed silk scarf to an organic teether ring to personalize a baby gift 
  8. It would be very special to use naturally-dyed cotton yarn to crochet a baby teether
  9. Or rattle! How fun would it be to make a rainbow with all the colors in the dye kit?
  10. Gift a stack of small silk scarves to a baby or toddler - They make the BEST open-ended play toys! 
  11. Make scrunchies out of small pieces of fabric (sewing machine or hand-stitching required)
  12. Prefer knitting? You can knit a scrunchie too!
  13. And yes, there are also plenty of crochet patterns for scrunchies as well. 
  14. Naturally-dyed cotton or linen would make lovely special-occassion napkins (this tutorial requries sewing with a machine).
  15. You can also make classy fringe napkins without a sewing machine
  16. Try naturally-dying 100% cotton white bandanas, no sewing required and you'll have a ready-to-wear piece immediately as a head scarf, headband, or neck scarf. 
  17. Use scissors to cut scraps for seasonal bunting (how lovely would this be as a spring decoration?)
  18. Sew yourself a reusable grocery bag for Earth Day (sewing machine required)
  19. While your sewing machine is out, consider using your special fabric to make a knitting/crochet needle keeper. 
  20. No-sew lavender sachets would make a lovely party favor or small gift!
  21. Homemade naturally-dyed Chalk would be incredible in an Easter basket, or as a (supervised!) craft to do with kids.
  22. Make naturally-dyed silk ribbons - for rustic gift wrapping or hair accessories, but there could be so many uses for pretty ribbon!
  23. Throw 100% cotton shoe laces into your dye pot for one-of-a-kind kicks
  24. Using small scraps of lots of colors, sew a unique doll quilt for a special tiny person you know. 
  25. Take the opportunity to be as DIY as possible:  Try picking up some wool roving and spinning it into yarn before dyeing (Imagine the street cred you'd get for spinning, dyeing, and knitting or crocheting your own project!)

Let's get as creative as possible - what are YOUR ideas for projects using naturally-dyed fabric or yarn? Let us know in the comments so we can give it a try!

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