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Books & Knitting... A Match Made in Heaven (and a great gift, too!) - String Theory Yarn Co

Books & Knitting... A Match Made in Heaven (and a great gift, too!)

In addition to all of our great yarn, notions, classes, knit alongs, gifts and goodies (check out 473!), we also have a great selection of books to guide you on your knitting journey! Check out our online selection, and even more in store.

Here are some of the books I want to highlight as we head into fall. These books are perfect for gifting, getting inspired, sparking your creativity and learning a new skill or two.

As always, the team members at String Theory are more than happy to help you pick the perfect book or resource to fit your every need. 

Have you read these books? Are there books you love that we should know about? Let us know!

Knitstrips: The World's First Comic-Strip Knitting Book!

By Alice Ormsbee Beltran and Karen Kim Mar

I am a big fan of comics, so a knitting comic book is a match made in heaven! This book is perfect for adults and a younger audience as well. The fun, easy to read format makes the techniques friendly and accessible. 

This book is full of not only great patterns, but also tips, tricks and tutorials for things like darning, knitting heal flaps and finishing toes, custom garment shaping, and more. 

The patterns are yarn neutral and written for stash busting! Instead of telling you what yarn to use, these patterns are written to accommodate all different yarn weights, listing characteristics of different fibers to fit your needs and suggestions for each type of project. Best of all, patterns are based on body measurements, giving you the tools to make garments to fit every body shape and size.

Patterns include the "Omnimitts" fingerless mitt pattern and "The Body Snatcher", a cowl-neck tunic.

Did I mention there's also a cookie recipe?

"The world’s first comic-strip knitting book, Knitstrips presents 22 original patterns, boundless humor, and seriously appealing knitting instruction. Inspired, original, and laugh-out-loud funny, knitstrips are patterns and knitting instruction mixed with advice and humorous commentary—and presented in illustrated comic book panels".

Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet

By Kate Atherley

Math can be scary... let Kate Atherley's wonderful book demystify the math of sock knitting! She also includes a detailed guide to what makes a well fitting sock and how to measure your foot accurately. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Kate Atherley has been a guest instructor for us! She has taught some amazing sock knitting classes for us in the past. 

"Custom Socks" takes the mystery out of sock knitting. The tagline for "The Wellington Road Sock" says it all... "The Willington Road Sock is a nice example of how a bit of detail can be added without significantly increasing the complexity of the knitting". 

The book begins from the very basics and moves on to different techniques to tailor your socks. Next, there are over 15 beautiful sock patterns, ready to be customized to fit you perfectly!

Each pattern is designed as a "case study", with detailed but clear instructions for both toe-up and top-down options, along with tips and guidelines for adjusting the pattern to accommodate your desired fit.

"I’ve taken my Plain and Simple Sock patterns – both Top Down and Toe Up versions – and created a book all about how to make them actually fit your feet... I’ve given you a ton of info on how to measure your feet properly to determine your fit needs, and how to customize the socks for those needs... The book also has all my sock knitting tips and advice and wisdom from nearly 20 years of sock knitting, and 10 years of teaching sock knitting".

Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch

By Nancy Marchant

Perfect for beginners and experienced knitters alike!

Confession: Even though I am an experienced brioche knitter, I sometimes have to look up how to do some of the techniques. Have you ever had to google an infuriatingly specific question, such as, how do I work "two stitch decreases spread over three rows using two colors"?

You're in luck. That is one of the many techniques covered by this book.

The detailed instructions include beautiful, clear photographs accompanied by step by step instructions on clutter free pages. Instructions are provided for things like casting on for two color brioche, making cables, and even ultra specific techniques like "two-color brioche stitch without a selvedge edge- odd numbers of stitches"!

Not only is this a great practical resource, but it has a wealth of beautiful patterns. One of my favorites is the brioche "oor-flap muts" earflap hat!

"Whether you're new to brioche knitting or experienced at "brioching," author Nancy Marchant provides the information and inspiration you need... you'll find: Detailed instructions and step-by-step photos that will guide you through all of the techniques you'll need for brioche knitting, a stitch dictionary including 60 beautiful stitch patterns with many multicolor options, 25 patterns for garments and accessories, all made with brioche stitches, some combined with other design elements including cables, lace, intarsia and more..."

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