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Happy (all the) Holidays - Favorite Patterns for Knitted Wit - String Theory Yarn Co

Happy (all the) Holidays - Favorite Patterns for Knitted Wit

I just loved participating in Knitted Wit's Sassy Holiday series last year. We've celebrated National Sandwich Day, April Fools, Indigenous People's Day and more. Take a look here to see all the colorways. 

Lorajean's signature style is to create yarn with LOTS of colors or what I refer to as Very Variegated yarn. I think this is the hardest yarn to picture what it will look like knitted up. For example, National Watermelon Day in the skein and in the sock:

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite strategies for making this yarn shine.

1. Combine Two Variegated Yarns

One strategy is to go all-in: Combine two variegated yarns together in the same project.

           Free Time by Shannon Squire

Designer Shannon Squires is Lorajean's best friend, so she has lots of great patterns that use this technique with her yarn. I loved making the Spell Cowl. This stitch is so addictive and the yarn is doubled so it goes really fast. Here is the "same" stitch in shawl form, if you prefer.


Or my current project:

        Superellipse Socks by Lori Versaci


2. Manipulate the Color

If you are sticking with one skein, it works well to pick a stitch pattern that moves the color around.

For example, a chevron pattern works really well.

Click here for a free chevron scarf pattern that is easy to memorize.

Or you can choose a stitch pattern that has holes to break up the colors like this:

       Close to You by Justyna Lorkowska
Or try Christy Becker's Downtown Cowl, which was designed specifically for variegated yarns.

3. Embrace the Pool

Isn't this amazing!!!


      Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse


4. Join the Adventure

If you are still not convinced, read all about Marie Greene's adventures working with variegated yarn and the wonderful result.

       Garden Party by Marie Greene


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