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Spend the Day in Glen Ellyn, Illinois - String Theory Yarn Co

Spend the Day in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

A day away can make such a difference to your mental health. And while I know that Glen Ellyn is not Rhinebeck (home of the famous sheep and wool festival), it is a lovely spot for a day trip, especially in the Fall.

If I were making a day of it in Glen Ellyn, here is what I'd do:

  1. Start the day with coffee and a muffin at Blackberry Market. Grab a seat outside in the sunshine.
  2. Walk down the street across the train tracks to String Theory. We specialize in yarns that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly, so we have many of the same things you would find at a fiber festival. We have "farm yarns" like FeederbrookMota and Harrisville Nightshades. We also have Plied North Ave and Penn Ave. which is the best kind of cross between a farm yarn and a handpainted luxury. We have LOTS of indie dyers, including Laneras, Keenan Yarn and local dyer Sister Ananse and . You might have seen our Dream in Color or Manos before, but how about Handspun Hope or Misha & Puff? Plan to spend some time looking around.
  3. Now it is time for lunch. I recommend A Toda Madre - soooo good.
  4. Then a walk on the Prairie Path or wander over to Lake Ellyn for a little sitting and knitting. 
  5. Back to town to pick up that skein at String Theory that you didn't buy this morning, but wish you had. There are also many other places to shop  like the Bookstore (next door), Gather and Collect for snarky pencils and more, Marcel's for the chef in you, and 10000 Villages for more fair trade items.
  6. Finish the day with a glass of wine and a cheese plate at Marché. Or take your project to The Parlour. They have great cocktails and cozy chairs.

Glen Ellyn is a western suburb of Chicago. The commuter train stops just  1.5 blocks from our store.

Hey locals, did I miss anything? Give me your recommendations in the comments below.

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Judy - December 9, 2021

Sounds absolutely lovely and inviting! I have made a note to visit at some point.

Bobbi - December 9, 2021

Two more quick stops are Chocolaterie Stam, a place for the chocolate lover and the post office next door with the painting dating back to the 1930’s Depression by artists working for the WPA .

Annette Vandergrift - December 9, 2021

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a stop at the Gnome Colony!!! A Wonderful place with all sorts of treasures for the female spirit 🧙‍♂️

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