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Sweaters to make with Plied Yarn Penn Ave - String Theory Yarn Co

Sweaters to make with Plied Yarn Penn Ave

Have you seen the new worsted weight by Plied Yarn? It’s called Pennsylvania Ave, and it’s scrumptious. Similar to their North Ave fingering in style, it’s still a 2 ply multicolored yarn, but the plies that make up the worsted are thicker and fluffier. Penn Ave is an amplified version of North Ave! 

This new base is thrilling, and I’m eager to find sweater patterns that will work well for it. After all, what’s better for a midwestern winter than a super soft and cozy handknit pullover or cardi? Summer is a good time to plan and knit that garment!

Penn Ave works up nicely at a 16 to 18 stitches per 4 inches gauge. It’s lofty, so it can definitely handle those larger stitches, but it’s also squishy and light, so it will knit up more densely and achieve a 18 stitch gauge nicely as well. Swatch and block to see what you prefer. This yarn will bloom and soften up even more when you give it a soak, so any gaps between stitches will fill in and make a very pleasing fabric.


Larger stitches, simple fabric, and a minimalist style makes the most of yardage, which can be a consideration when choosing a specialty hand-dyed yarn. If the price point is a splurge for you, choosing one of these designs will use every luscious yard of Penn Ave to the maximum! Putting the focus on simple boxy styles with cropped body options and positive ease, here are the patterns I’m excited to recommend for Penn Ave:

First up is a pattern with both pullover and cardigan options, and it’s one that Plied Yarn has already made into a sample with Penn Ave: the Felix sweater by Amy Christoffers is classic and contemporary all at once. Highly variegated colors will really shine on this simple shape.

Rift by Jacqueline Cieslak is another great choice. There are multiple style options included in this pattern, so you can make any sleeve length you like, customize the body length, and even create bust darts and different necklines. Rift would be super cute as a cropped vest sweater in Plied. Although Rift is designed with lighter yarn, the gauge is perfect for Penn Ave, and if you make sure to allow for plenty of ease like the pattern suggests, a thicker fabric will be just fine. 

Have you made a Love Note yet? This pattern by Tin Can Knits has been a universal favorite for all types of yarn, and Penn Ave would be super lovely. Because of this loftier worsted base, you can omit holding a mohair yarn with it. Love Note is a great choice for a cropped pullover that you can layer over dresses or longer tops. The eyelet yoke pattern will really be exaggerated and shine in Penn Ave!

Earth Folk (pictured above) by Annie Lupton and The Weekender by Andrea Mowry are similar pullovers with boxy bodies and dropped shoulders, and they would work up so well in a specialty worsted base like Penn Ave. They have more stitch patterns but are still visually uncomplicated and would be easy to see in a variegated yarn. Or choose a more solid color for striking simplicity.

Have I got your creative juices flowing? I hope so! Don’t miss out on picking up Penn Ave in a color that makes your heart sing, for a sweater that will be one-of-a-kind with this special small batch artisan yarn. 

Ruth Boelkins coordinates our social media, bringing the excitement of String Theory to you everyday, whether you live down the street or across the country.

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