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What to Knit to Live Like a Hobbit - String Theory Yarn Co

What to Knit to Live Like a Hobbit

by Emily 

Did you know that September 22 is International Hobbit Day? Seems only appropriate to spotlight some great pattern choices for curating your very own homey Hobbit (or elf, wizard, dwarf?) aesthetic. As an added bonus, these projects would be super fun to knit while watching Rings of Power, if that's your thing!

The cornerstone of any Hobbit wardrobe (other than bare feet) is a comfy dapper vest. The Hobbiton Vest by Fabel Knitwear is at the top of my queue because it uses a strand of fingering weight yarn held with a strand of mohair for maximum cozy. Cabrito or Loft would be perfect choices! 

Summon your inner Rosie Cotton in this cutie-pie Hobbit Day Shawl. It's a free pattern that only calls for one skein of fingering weight yarn

If you're already making a vest for yourself, might as well make one for an actually tiny person in your life. Lisa Chemery has an entire e-book of Hobbit-themed children's patterns but this Hobbit Vest might just take the seedcake in cuteness. A rustic worsted weight wool yarn, such as Peace Fleece, are called for in this pattern. 

Defiantly ride into battle and slay the Witch King in Eowyn's riding Gauntlets! These practical and pretty mitts pattern call for 400 yards of fingering weight yarn

Sail into the west in these Journey's End Slippers. Two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Cardo will get you there.

Are you watching Rings of Power? Which LoTR franchise character do you think has the best style? Let us know in the comments! 

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