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Favorite Things - String Theory Yarn Co

Favorite Things

There is so much good stuff in the store at the moment, we thought we would share some of our favorite things. Keep checking back as our list grows.

Janet's Favorite Teacher Gift
The Zany Zoo, Flower Power and Honored Elders puzzles showcase art from K -12 students. These puzzles are part of the Fresh Artists program that coordinates a circle of philanthropy in which children’s art fulfills a real business need while raising funds for future art making. In this case, they've created puzzles with the art to raise money for more art supplies.


Ruth's Favorite Way to Personalize a Pattern

Ruth's favorite thing is Plied Yarns Bobbins! I love them for bits of colorwork in a project, like mini stripes or a sweater yoke. You can use them for hand embroidery or visible mending projects. You can also make a small accessory like the Trail Point or Fixation hat with just 5 or 6.

If you haven't already make something with full skeins of Plied North Ave, the bobbins are a super way to get a "taste" of this specialty marled wooly yarn.


 Liz's Favorite Bag #1

We love these bags so much that we asked Della Q to make an Oh Snap bag set in our favorite colors and sizes just for us. Snaps not zippers, so your yarn doesn't get caught. There are gaps in the snaps so that you can guide your yarn through, keeping it neat and tidy in the bag while you work with it. AND transparent - so you know what project is where. 

Liz's Favorite Bag #2

We love the bags from Candidly Kind. Grace Key started Candidly Kind on 3/21/18 to spread light love and acceptance thru her original art and life. 

Grace was born with Down syndrome, but we prefer to call it Up syndrome. She aims to promote kindness and a belief in oneself no matter what the obstacles and hopes her artistic creations will remind you to live with authenticity, act with love, and treat everyone you meet with an open heart.


What Janet Wears with a Hand Knit Sweater
When it's cold, I wear my hand knit socks, a hand knit sweater and often a hat and mitts. Adding a handknit scarf to this mix seems a little much, so I opt for a woven scarf that will keep me warm, but doesn't distract from my centerpiece sweater. 
These Alpaca scarves, woven by fairly paid artisans in Peru, are oh so soft and warm on your neck. They come in a variety of colors so they can blend in or "pop" with any outfit.

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