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Meet the Maker: Jamie of M1 Yarns!

Meet the Maker: Jamie of M1 Yarns!

We're so excited to kick off our 2024 trunk show season with a truly spectacular maker that we first got to know back in 2021 through the Good Vibes Yarn Tour - Jamie of M1 Yarns!

Stop by String Theory Yarn Co in person or online to shop Jamie's delightful yarns from Wednesday, January 24 through February 8!

Let's get to know Jamie :)

How did you get into dyeing?

I felt that I had a specific vision and passion for my own yarn and I wanted my yarn business to become a common thread that would connect people from all backgrounds to find a sense of interwoven existences. I used the yarn business to support an off-shoot YouTube podcast (M1 Yarns and the Michigan Makers) where I talk about my makes and interview other makers. I’ve also started a monthly sip-n-stitch in my area to bring folks together over the common bond of yarn. Without my yarn business, I’m not sure either would’ve been so successful – so I’m grateful for a platform from which to connect others.

What is your favorite part of the process?

I love planning the colorways. I do so by studying color theory and mood boards in an effort to create just the right “vibe” by adding each specific “element” (or shade) in the overall colorway. 50% is preparation, but 50% is definitely inspiration. When that inspiration strikes, it’s like lightning in a bottle and it’s so energizing!

Where do you get your inspiration for colors?

A lot of the time it’s a photo I’ve come across. Sometimes it’s something I come across in nature or a cityscape. Once I created a colorway based on someone’s wedding colors! Creativity strikes when you least expect it.

How do you come up with names for the colors?

Ha! That is a great question. They kind of just pop into my mind! If it’s something like a dyed-to-order, I might try to incorporate their name (i.e. Sharon’s Spooky Season) or an event affiliated with the yarn (“Wedding in the Woods”).

Which color best reflects your personality and why?

Jewels of Autumn – a dynamic, multi-layered array of variety and intrigue. A little bit moody, a little bit joy.

Tell us about a WIP or a project in your queue that you're really excited about! Which of your yarns would you recommend for this (or these) project(s)?

The Lento sweater – it seems like everyone’s knitting this classic design! I see many knit with a strand of Fingering held with a strand of Laceweight mohair/silk.

Of what you are sending us, what are your favorite colors or color combinations?

Jewels of Autumn, Green Olives, Wine, and Harvest. And I love them as a combo! I also love any dark tone paired with either Beach Sand or Silver Fox, which I call the perfect warm and cool neutrals.

What advice do you have about combining colors in, for example, a two-color shawl?

First decide if you want high-contrast or low-contrast. Second, don’t get overwhelmed by thinking about BOTH colors; simply decide on JUST one color – something that REALLY speaks to you. Third, choose a color that is complimentary – if you chose the high-contrast option above, take a photo of both colors together and edit it to black and white to see if it’s contrasting enough. Fourth, don’t be afraid to be bold and try something new.

What is your best knitting or crocheting tip?

Allow yourself one mistake in each project – it will be your way of allowing yourself grace as a human, and reminding yourself that your project is handmade and NOT machine made, and to be appreciate as such.

What are two interesting things about you that aren’t fiber related?

I’ve lived my life in 2 countries and 5 states – and hope to add more to the list during my lifetime!

I started a monthly gathering of fiber folks in the Metro Detroit area. We meet at a coffee shop or for brunch. While fiber is the common thread for us, what’s been the biggest joy for me is seeing organic friendships blossom out of this loosely organized gathering. I highly encourage anyone to do the same in their local community: all you’ve got to do is pick a day, time, and place, and post about it (either on social media or maybe the corkboard at your local Panera!)

If you didn’t dye yarn, what would be your dream job?

An adventure guide in some wilderness setting. Or perhaps a shepherdess in the Welsh countryside!

What is the best advice you've ever received?

My uncle always says, “Everything in moderation…including moderation.” That’s been a great guide in life.

Knit or crochet?


Starting a project or finishing a project?            

Hmmmm……probably starting a project. Finishing is often a bit anticlimactic for me!

Solids or Variegated?                                    


Coffee or tea?                                                

Both! Coffee first. Then tea.

Sunrises or sunsets?                                     

Sunsets. I’m not a morning person. 

Netflix or audiobooks (while crafting)?           



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