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10 Cent Shipping on Orders Over $100



  • 2" Gauge Swatch - String Theory Yarn Co

    2" Gauge Swatch


    These handy square tools are used for measuring gauge swatches knit or crocheted in any type of yarn. Simply hold the tool up against your work and...

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  • 8cm Wool Pom-Pom - String Theory Yarn Co
    8cm Wool Pom-Pom - String Theory Yarn Co
    Ikigai Fiber

    8cm Wool Pom-Pom


    Wool pom-poms make a great alternative to their fur counterparts. These unique poms are made of 100% pure wool fabric that is hand-sewn together to...

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  • Accessory Pouch - String Theory Yarn Co
    Accessory Pouch - String Theory Yarn Co

    Accessory Pouch


    The Atenti Accessories Pouch comes with an 8” zippered opening. Fully lined in water-resistant taffeta. Shirley Temple: A print of delicate birds...

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  • Adeline Kit - String Theory Yarn Co
    Adeline Kit - String Theory Yarn Co

    Adeline Kit


    I love this little dish made of 100% linen twine with all its natural texture, light and charm. This basketweaving technique is called twining. It'...

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  • Altiplano

    Aguacatan Bag


    These chic patterned agua bags are hand crocheted from sturdy cotton thread in a roomy cylinder shape with a draw string closure.  Dimensions: 11” ...

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  • Lang


    Original Price $12.95
    Current Price $5.00

    AYMARA has a special fiber composition. The yarn is made from highly qualified products including alpaca superfine, Lyocell and merino fine. All fi...

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  • Baby Soft Blanket Kit - String Theory Yarn Co
    Appalachian Baby Design

    Baby Soft Blanket Kit


    This beautiful textured baby blanket is knit out of organic cotton.  Wrap your new baby in the culture of caring! Appalachian Cotton works with sm...

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  • -



    A modern twist on a classic, BARK is inspired by the majestic Doug Fir tree bark — a Chocolate Brittle Wafer Bar.   Soy Free, Nut Free   Contains: ...

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  • Laneras

    Beartooth High Twist


    A fingering weight yarn with our signature ply technique, but spun with high twist! This adds more strength to the yarn, and gives it a nice, smoo...

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