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  • Accessory Pouch - String Theory Yarn Co

    Accessory Pouch


    The Atenti Accessories Pouch comes with an 8” zippered opening. Fully lined in water-resistant taffeta. Shirley Temple: A print of delicate birds u...

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    Canvas Zipper Pouch


    We think these bags are a container for a sock project, or a fun, handy place to keep your notions!  They'd also be perfect for a deck of cards and...

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  • EnV

    Drawstring Backpack


    Drawstring backpacks are a timeless thing for camping, hiking, and really any outdoor activity - and for knitting and crochet projects, too! This d...

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  • Friendsheep

    Felt Ball Coasters


    Handmade, absorbent, and plastic free! These colorful Boho eco coasters and trivet are perfect to protect your furniture while adding a cozy touch ...

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  • Handspun Hope

    Hello, Hope Gift Package


    With your purchase of a Hello, Hope package, you hold the power to help a Rwandan woman break the generational cycle of poverty in her family and b...

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  • Atenti

    Hope Basket


    A roomy stand-alone project bag in gorgeous fabrics. Top rolls down for easy access. Wide opening and two handles. Fully lined with three pockets. ...

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  • Atenti

    Lolita Bag


    Atenti's Lolita is an open tote with a magnetic closure and a large detachable interior pouch 12" x 10" x 3" in a matching fabric. Both pieces are ...

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  • Lumos Knitting Light - String Theory Yarn Co

    Lumos Knitting Light


    A small portable neck light that is statistically proven and ophthalmologist-approved to change the way you craft for the better. That makes you fe...

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    Mayana Mini Bar


    1.5 oz bar Made in the United States Mayan Spice Spicy. Rich. Decadent. And NOW MINI! This candy bar is for grown folks with its spicy dark ...

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    Ology Beeswax Candles

    Original Price $30.00
    from $23.00

    Did you know beeswax purifies the air of toxins and odors It's true! Beeswax candles purify the air with negative ions - eliminating toxins from yo...

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  • ONLINE Gift Card in Gift Cards | String Theory Yarn Co
    String Theory Yarn Co

    ONLINE Gift Card

    from $25.00

    Some see a gift card as a "cop-out", but makers know that picking out the yarn is half the fun of a new project!  Online Gift Cards are delivered b...

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  • Faire



    The Atenti Satchel has a 18" zippered opening and double 30" straps. The inside is fully lined in water resistant taffeta and has a zippered pocket...

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    Scrub Bar


    This scrub bar will turn a regular day into a spa day or get the dirt off after a day of gardening. No more glass jars increasing our carbon footpr...

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