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10 cent shipping on orders over $100

Gifts for Crafty Kids and Adults

Whether you are looking for ways to entertain the kids on vacation or planning an activity for your group of friends, we've got the materials to get you started.

Creativity is just intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein


  • KnowKnits

    GoKnit Project Bag

    from $32.00

    GoKnit® Classic Project Bags are made with ripstop nylon, machine washable have an inner loop to keep your yarn in the bag. They also have a secur...

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  • IN-STORE Gift Card - String Theory Yarn Co
    String Theory Yarn Co

    IN-STORE Gift Card

    from $15.00

    Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a couple of hours wandering around String Theory, picking out some yarn that they wouldn't normally...

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  • -

    Pencils For All Occasions

    Original Price $15.00
    Current Price $6.00

    Set of eight mini pencils, each one labeled with a very special occasion. Assorted colored bodies with a graphite core. 

  • Rainbow Crayons - String Theory Yarn Co
    Rainbow Crayons - String Theory Yarn Co

    Rainbow Crayons

    from Original Price $18.00
    from $5.00

    Original Rainbow Crayons are multicolored, uniquely shaped crayons that encourage creative thinking and imaginative making outside the traditional ...

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