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Gifts for Crafty Kids


  • Catapult Kit in Gifts | String Theory Yarn Co

    Catapult Kit


    Fling small objects across your room as Leonado da Vinci intended. This kit brings his sketches into reality. Everything you need to build is inclu...

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  • Flinger Bot - String Theory Yarn Co

    Flinger Bot


    Build this rube goldberg-like contraption to fling objects with abandon.  This kit has hands-on learning about everything from hydraulics to propel...

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  • Kids Knit - String Theory Yarn Co
    String Theory Yarn Co

    Kids Knit


    Kids Knit contains age and stage appropriate knitting techniques and patterns. The projects enable children to learn the basics of knitting and s...

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    Pencils For All Occasions


    Set of eight mini pencils, each one labeled with a very special occasion. Assorted colored bodies with a graphite core. 

  • Rainbow Crayons - String Theory Yarn Co
    Rainbow Crayons - String Theory Yarn Co

    Rainbow Crayons

    from Original Price $18.00
    from $5.00

    Original Rainbow Crayons are multicolored, uniquely shaped crayons that encourage creative thinking and imaginative making outside the traditional ...

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