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10 cent shipping on orders over $100



  • 2" Gauge Swatch - String Theory Yarn Co

    2" Gauge Swatch


    These handy square tools are used for measuring gauge swatches knit or crocheted in any type of yarn. Simply hold the tool up against your work and...

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  • Cocoknits

    Ruler and Gauge Set


    Ruler and Knitting Gauge designed to be used with the Maker’s Board, but are also useful on their own. In addition to measuring and checking knitti...

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  • Socks Rule - String Theory Yarn Co

    Socks Rule


    Slip this ruler right into your sock while it is still on the needles to easily gauge when to start the toe (or the gusset/heel if you are knitting...

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  • ST Needle Gauge - String Theory Yarn Co

    ST Needle Gauge


    This handy tool has everything you need to make a gauge swatch and check your progress along the way. You can identify needle sizes from US 0 to 15...

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  • String Theory Yarn Co

    String Theory Tape Measure


    Every project bag needs a tape measure! This one is retractable.Up to 36" on one side. Centimeters on the other.

  • WPI Yarn Weight Gauge in Tools - notions | String Theory Yarn Co

    WPI Yarn Weight Gauge


    Measure the thickness of any yarn: Lay yarn into the grooves or wrap it into the inch-wide notch and compare the number of times your yarn fits in ...

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