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  • Chelsea XS - String Theory Yarn Co
    Ori London

    Chelsea Pocket


    Give your phone, card and essentials their very own stylish way to be carried whilst you are on the move. This brand-new Chelsea collection from Or...

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  • -

    Clear Zip Pouch


    These notions pouches have a clear front pocket, to be able to keep embroidery/small knitting/quilting projects organized. Made with quilting cotto...

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  • Binkwaffle

    Cozy Cake Yarn Cozy


    Stop those tangles before they start. Fit one over your center-pull cake of yarn and keep your yarn nicely wound. * approximately 4"h x 4.5"w. fits...

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  • Binkwaffle

    Dumpling Bag

    from $50.00

    With no zippers or velcro, the Dumpling Bag provides a quick snag-free closure. Simply pull the handle through the grommet, and voilà! Closed up an...

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  • String Theory Yarn Co

    Erasable Highlighter


    Erasable highlighters make following a pattern easier. Highlight the row you are on.   Color code a cable chart. Make a mistake - just erase it. 

  • Fixits - String Theory Yarn Co
    Fixits - String Theory Yarn Co



    Repair to be amazed! Meet the incredible new diy kitchen drawer essential to tackle any kind of “I don’t have time for this to be broken” in and ou...

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  • KnowKnits

    GoKnit Project Bag

    from $32.00

    GoKnit® Classic Project Bags are made with ripstop nylon, machine washable have an inner loop to keep your yarn in the bag. They also have a secur...

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  • Kids Knit - String Theory Yarn Co
    String Theory Yarn Co

    Kids Knit


    Kids Knit contains age and stage appropriate knitting techniques and patterns. The projects enable children to learn the basics of knitting and s...

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  • Large Slider Tin - String Theory Yarn Co

    Large Slider Tin


    Large slider tin is great for a wallet, notions, jewelry etc.. Dimensions:  3 9/16" length 2 5/16" width 7/16" deep Impact Artist Sandy Bahrich wo...

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  • Lolita Bag - String Theory Yarn Co
    Lolita Bag - String Theory Yarn Co

    Lolita Bag

    Original Price $250.00
    Current Price $200.00

    Atenti's Lolita is an open tote with a magnetic closure and a large detachable interior pouch 12" x 10" x 3" in a matching fabric. Both pieces are ...

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