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10 Cent Shipping on Orders Over $100

Handspun Hope DK Wool

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100% merino
approximately 173 YDS      100 GR
Needle size: US 6-8         
Gauge: 4-6 STS = 1" 

Note: Although this yarn is labeled DK, it knits up at worsted weight gauge.

Organic yarn from Rwanda, made by the women of Handspun Hope. Their own flock of Merino sheep are sheared and the wool is brought to the  Handspun Hope cooperative, whose job it is to clean the wool and create beautiful yarn. This yarn is dyed using native plants such as avocado and eucalyptus.   

Please note, due to the characteristic of natural plant hand dyes, the actual color may vary between skeins. We recommend alternating skeins during knitting.  

Pattern Suggestion:

Dream and Hope Cowl

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I was working on a purchased kit and ran out of the handspun yarn. I spoke to someone when it was ordered so they were aware I was ordering an additional skein. I realize the yarn is not spun by machine but the yarn in the new skein was almost double the thickness. I won’t order this product again.

Not my favorite

I am all for buying natural - but I am not crazy about this yarn. The color and thickness are not consistent. The yarn itself is quite scratchy - not sure how I am going to like this next to my skin. I am still in the process of knitting my cowl - I had to stop as I ran out of yarn. I am hoping thiswill soften up when blocked.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. I see that we need to do a better job describing this product.

The thick/thin quality and as a result not knowing exactly how many yards you get is due to the fact that this yarn is created by hands not machines. This is why we suggested substituting more of the Cosette (included in your kit) if you run out of the handspun. I will try to make this more clear in the future.

The variation in color is a result of the natural dyeing process which does not produce the same consistency as yarn dyed by manufacturers.

Your comment inspires us to improve. Thank you.

Your yarn makes a positive impact

By purchasing yarn from String Theory, you’re lifting up a number of small and female-owned businesses. We help women in Rwanda, who survived the genocide, educate a new generation. We help women in Uruguay find meaningful work without leaving their rural homes. We help a family in New Hampshire maintain a mill, a tradition spanning hundreds of years. We help restore the Patagonia Grasslands by encouraging sustainable farming.Every yarn we stock makes a positive impact.

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