HH Angora blend

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Humanely-sourced from their own flocks of bunnies and sheep, this 50/50 blended sport weight is Handspun Hope's most luxurious yarn yet! This incredibly indulgent fluffiness has a silky and lightweight texture with a halo effect that becomes more apparent as it is handled.

The ladies of Handspun Hope carefully blend and hand spin the fibers into generous skeins of lavish sport weight yarn before it is hand dyed in baths created from primarily native Rwandan plants. Because our precious supply of angora fiber is limited, so is the availability of this incredible yarn. 

  • Sport weight
  • Tonal
  • Approx 100 grams / 3.53 oz
  • Approx 151 m / 165 yds
  • Hand wash 
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Do not iron

Our goal in creating this fiber was to create an ethically and humanely sourced angora blend. Much of the world's angora is not created in such a manner. Our rabbits receive the very best possible care. Their spacious custom-created enclosures are imported from the U.S. and they are provided dry and safe shelter, high-protein feed, fresh vegetable snacks twice a day and a 24-hour caregiver who resides with them. They are gently and carefully sheared every 90 days by our own staff member, a former barber. Rest assured, we love all of our animals and provide them with the best care so they can produce high-quality raw materials for the ladies working at Handspun Hope.

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