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Reusable Organic Coffee Filter

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Pack of 2 filters
Eco-Friendly Compostable Cloth CoffeeSock filters are durable and may last a year or more. CoffeeSock filters are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon sacks.

Organic cotton absorbs some of the oils released from coffee beans yet lets acids pass through. Over the years they've perfected their filters to last longer than any other and preserve even the most subtle flavors of the highest grades of gourmet coffee.

Made in Austin, Texas.

Drip #4 Cone
Chemex square
Coldbrew 64oz

- made from organic cotton
- alternative to paper filters

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Good for cold brew

I've been using the cold brew sock for about a year. It works well. Eventually the oils build up and then it benefits from a good boil in a pot of water. I think it works well and I like that it's done a good job for so long.

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