Surprise Yourself!

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"When I opened the box I thought, "Boy these guys really remember me"  I would have bought this yarn if I had been in the store.  It is so fun to knit with." - a happy customer from Idaho

Our birthday got us thinking about wonderful presents we were surprised with as kids.  We decided you might like the opportunity to surprise yourself. 

First, choose the size of your surprise. Then in the notes section of your checkout, provide us with one word to guide us. Your word could be "optimism" "pink" "cables", anything at all. We will use your word as inspiration as we pack your bag full of wonderful goodies, each chosen with love and care.

Your surprise will include a project with yarn and a pattern. There might even be a gadget or two. We promise that the value will always be more than you pay. 

The fine print: We are unable to take returns at this time due to coronavirus related concerns. 

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