Try on Tube

We heard about this from Lori Versaci and it has become a shop favorite.

Why we like it:

  1. It can be cut to the length you need.
  2. It can be used over and over again.
  3. It has both structure and flexibility so your stitches stay open for easy transfer and the stitches you are holding can easily be pushed out of the way.

How we use it:

  1. When making a top-down sweater, you can transfer your stitches from your needles to the Try on Tube. This way when you try on your sweater mid-project, the stitches won't fall off your needles.
  2. Try on Tube makes a great stitch holder. Thread the tube through the stitches (sleeve stitches for a top-down sweater, for example). Cut the tube to the length you need and tie a knot to hold the stitches on.
  3. Insert the Try on Tube through your stitches to create a lifeline in a tricky stitch pattern. Makes ripping back a breeze.
  4. If you have a small interchangeable needle tip, you can insert it into the end of the tube for easier threading through your stitches.


Each tube is approximately 4 yards long. It comes in a variety of colors. We will pick our favorite for you.

Category: exclusive, notions

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fabulous Product

Try on Tube is a fabulous product! Once you try it you will wonder how you ever used yarn or string or dental floss to hold your stitches! It moves smoothly and makes quick work of sliding stitches on to hold them and then back on to your needle.
Just don't let kittens get near it. They love to chew it and will cut it into pieces with those sharp little teeth. I bought 2 more for myself as I had given away 3 of the 4 I previously bought. I'll keep the pieces to use for shorter areas such as sleeves.

Izzy M.

Great for sweater knitting

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