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Good Vibes Yarn Tour - String Theory Yarn Co

Good Vibes Yarn Tour

Do you like String Theory?
You will love the Good Vibes Yarn Tour even more!
The Good Vibes Yarn Tour focuses on building community and supporting worthy makers all over the world, just like String Theory does. However, because this is a collaboration between String Theory, Knot Another Hat and Fuzzy Goat, you get an experience that has been designed by some of the best creative minds in the industry.

Tickets are available now until January 11 for the next Good Vibes Yarn Tour.
Visit the Good Vibes Yarn Tour website for more information and to get your ticket!  


When you sign up for the Good Vibes Yarn Tour, you get a front row seat to the best show in the knitting industry.

The Good Vibes Yarn Tour is a collaboration of three different yarn store owners, CadenceSarah and Janet, who each have spent years developing industry expertise and making connections. As a result, you get access to exclusive yarns and patterns from the best in the industry and you get to go behind the scenes to meet the makers themselves. It is like the best kind of knitalong.

What is a Yarn Tour?

The best knitting subscription box - not just yarn... it’s an adventure.

It’s a three-month knitting event with three virtual shows, swag at every stop, and a community of groupies that will inspire you and make you laugh at every turn. 

For example, as part of the Winter 2022 tour, we traveled to Quebec City, Canada. We went behind the scenes with the creator of Julie Asselin yarns, snacked on Maple Crunch chocolate an Eastern Canadian chocolate maker, and made a hat and mitt set inspired by French Canada while storing your project in our Good Vibes ecobag project pouch. Between stops, we traded tips, shopped for souvenirs with our 20% discount, and made new friends in our Facebook group.

Get on the Bus!
If virtual travel with snacks, new projects, and your best knitting buddies sounds fun to you, get on the bus with us! We run two tours a year. Go to the Good Vibes Yarn Tour website to buy a ticket or sign up to be the first to hear when tickets are available. 

Sample our Greatest Hits!
Each Greatest Hits package contains three exclusive patterns from previous Good Vibes Yarn Tours and videos for each with tips from the designers. This is a great way to make up for the tours that you missed.

Surprise Yourself with a Mixed Tape Grab Bag!
At the end of each tour we find ourselves with a few extra souvenirs. We decided to put together a Mixed Tape bag of some gorgeous yarn and groovy goodies so you can get a taste of tours you've missed. You never know what surprises there might be in our Mixed Tape Grab Bags, but you know it's going to be good. 


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